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Welcome to German Literature Month

By Caroline


This is just a brief welcome post to let you know about some of my own plans for German Literature Month.

Friedrich Schiller Week

The first week is Schiller week, over at Lizzy’s blog. I won’t participate actively. I hope to review a crime novel and maybe a novella or two.

Christa Wolf Week

For Christa Wolf week I’m reading The Quest for Christa T., which is a bit of a challenge. I’m not as keen on it as I was on the her other books.

I’ve scheduled two things for week three. I’ll be posting a guest post by a writing buddy who recently revealed an interest in Irmgard Keun. I will also participate in Lizzy’s readalong of the YA novel Erebos. I’m almost finished with it and must say it’s a captivating book.

My own readlong is forthcoming in week four. Since Erich Maria Remarque’s novel A Time to Live and A Time to Die is rather chunky too, I suppose I’ll be busy reading that.

What other plans do I have?


Finally reading Christian Kracht’s recently translated Imperium.

Light in a Dark House

Maybe read Jan Costin Wagner’s Light in a Dark House.

What else? Maybe some short stories.

Have you already started reading? What are your plans?

If you participate, please add your reviews to the German Literature Month Page.

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