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Welcome Overnight Guest to the Wedding

By Innstilettos
Welcome Overnight Guest to the Wedding
I am sure after this blog your list of to do's will get a bit longer.  While this is not a must it is part of the etiquette of hosting a wedding.  More likely than not, you will have some out of town guests who will be staying overnight for the wedding.  Hopefully, they will not be staying in your home because there is a lot already going on. 
Most likely the distant guests will choose an area hotel that you should have mapped out for guests who will need accommodations.  While you are certainly not to expected to pay for those expenses, it is a nice touch to leave welcome bags with the front desk of the hotel or hotels for them.
Welcome Overnight Guest to the Wedding
Now you might be asking yourself..."what does she mean by bags?"  Don't worry...this is a small gesture of good tiding although you are more than welcome to get carried away with yourself.  The bag can be a regular gift bag or you could make it a bit more upscale using a burlap bag for a country wedding or a cloth wedding for a more upscale wedding.  The bags should be filled with snacks and beverages for the guest.  Bottled water, flavored waters and sodas are great choices along with small bags of pretzels, chips and popcorn.  You could even put some chocolate in the bag and maybe a trial size lotion.  A small note of thanks should be attached to the bag along with the guests' names.  Remember, they have made the travel to the event so a small gift of treats is greatly appreciated
Welcome Overnight Guest to the Wedding
Deborah Stilettos

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