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Welcome Back, Halfpastnormal

By Specialneedmom2 @specialneedmom2

20131219-202612.jpgWelcome back — it’s great to see you all again!

Funny how things turn out around here, looks like I’m pulling good ol’ halfpastnormal out of retirement for a bit, time to work on some new material and all that.

So welcome back to the land of special needs, and a big hello to Prader-Willi Syndrome and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy folks, folks from the land of ASD and the ADHDers who drop in and forget to comeback for a while. (just kidding, the ADHDers forget their car keys here, so they ain’t going no place ;-)

Soooo… what the heck have we been up to?

Family of (now) six (!) successfully relocated to a smalltown in rural Ontario is now moving again (just to the other side of town, but still, we gotta pack everything).

We’re still an alphabet soup kinda family – ADHD, LD, DMD, PWS… the list goes on, with additional diagnoses and varying complexities.

We’ve been rocking smalltown life – community events, familiar faces everywhere you go (not a day goes by that you don’t bump into somebody you know around here), outdoor living, playing in the creeks, puddles and snow.

Baby #4 has become Toddler #4, or T4 as we like to call her – the most fiercely neurotypical one of the bunch of us, and a true force of nature. She keeps the rest of us in line.

So welcome back folks, hope you stick around and check things out. Let me know what you’ve been up to!

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