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Weiner Drops Like A Rock In NYC Race

Posted on the 11 August 2013 by Jobsanger
Weiner Drops Like A Rock In NYC Race
Weiner Drops Like A Rock In NYC Race For a while it looked like ex-congressman Anthony Weiner might be making a political comeback. A Quinnipiac University Poll in the middle of July had him leading the race for New York City Mayor -- three points ahead of his closest opponent, Christine Quinn. It seemed like the two would be battling it out in a Democratic primary run-off, since William Thompson and Bill de Blasio were both double-digits behind the two leaders.
But three weeks later, the bottom has fallen out of Weiner's campaign. NYC voters were turned off after learning that Weiner had continued his sexual peccadilloes after resigning his congressional seat. An August 8th New York Times/Siena College Poll shows Weiner has dropped from 25% to only 10%, and is currently trailing all three of the other leading candidates. It is only his abstinence that is keeping him in the race, since he has no chance of making any run-off now. There's still a month to go before the primary in early September, but it's hard to see Weiner making another comeback after the recent revelations.
Interestingly enough, Weiner's drop out of contention doesn't seem to have helped Ms. Quinn very much. She now leads the race, but is headed for a run-off with either Thompson or de Blasio -- both of whom benefitted from Weiner's fall from grace.

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