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Weight Watchers Update

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
Weight Watchers Update
I gained 1.4 pounds this week.
My mom says that she found that getting your period always made her pack on two pounds. If that’s true for me as well, you could say I actually lost 0.6 pounds…
Or maybe I just need to ramp up my plan.
I still don’t exercise outside of walking to the farmer’s market on Sundays. I broke my Camelbak bottle so I am not sipping water at home the way I do at work. I bought Smart Ones instead of Lean Cuisines because they were on sale and they are way more unsatisfying (and taste to be higher in sodium) – by 2pm I am craving every filthy thing available in the snack bar in the office lobby and counteract it with a cup of coffee or tea, leaving me jumpy but still hungry.
My husband made Candy Corn Pancakes. Regular pancake batter, added candy corn, cooked as usual. Insanely delicious fun treat, and proof that I am still enjoying far too much of that bag of candy corn in my kitchen… and not sticking to the plan.
So I gained 1.4, but that’s nothing to freak out over, nothing to get depressed over, and surely no reason to fall completely off the Weight Watchers wagon.
This week we talked about how our lives have changed since starting Weight Watchers – habits we now have that are just a part of our lives. One woman says that when she gets back from the market, she writes the PointsPlus value on the outside of each food package – she can then know quickly how many PointsPlus it is, and it also reduces temptation, having her look for a lower PointsPlus item for a snack. Our leader said she does the same, and also writes down how much is in each serving. Another mentioned an iPhone app that will scan barcodes in the grocery and report the PointsPlus value – she uses this before putting anything in her cart. Another mentioned that she never buys bread and I realize I am the same – the only bread in the house is the type that my husband and daughter like for sandwiches; we never had loaves of sourdough or artisanal bread in the house because I will eat the whole loaf. I was impressed by one woman who says she gets off the Metro one stop early and walks the rest of the way to work. Another woman mentioned how since she started Weight Watchers she now always has breakfast. I mentioned how I now drink water all the time.
It’s amazing how even if we don’t track our PointsPlus every day, and how we may veer away from the program, we still have habits from Weight Watchers that affect our lives on a daily basis. Whether it’s how we shop for groceries, get to work, or start our day.
And whether I gain 1.4 pounds or remove 3… or stay the same for a week… my life has forever changed for the better because of this program. And while this weight removal has been a slow process, it’s not going to all come back. And I am not going to go back.
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