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Posted on the 25 January 2013 by Beingunordinary

Starting a new tradition that will include recapping weekly tweets…


A mask helps you get through the day, sometimes its all you have, but we wear them for one very good reason...without our mask we're open...

Why You Should Love The Realty Income Deal As Much As Luxor Capital - $ALX $ARCT $CWH $FRT $O $RPAI

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Who the Hell Are Phil Mickelson?s Financial Advisers?

Job Ad Seeks Beautiful Women To Seduce Insider Information

History of the Internet, 1969-2012 | The Reformed Broker

RT @mhargra if you make consistency a goal you end up achieving it through mediocrity

Stocks: Tech earnings to dominate - Jan. 20, 2013


Goldman employees no longer "wealthy"

Taking Your Banking Advice From Bruce Berkowitz's Fairholme $AIG $BAC $BBT $C $JPM $PNC $WFC

Taking Your Banking Advice From Bruce Berkowitz's Fairholme - Seeking Alpha

5 Dividend Stocks In Under Appreciated Industries

Being Unordinary blog in the the Kindle Store

Blog post: So You Need To Hire?

You're Better Off Investing In Federated Investors Than With It $FII $BEN $TROS

What Will The 'New' Supervalu Look Like? $SVU $SWY

Using American Express As A Bellwether For Capital One $AXP $COF $DFS $MA $V


Earnings Beat, But Is Alcoa Still A Nightmare? $AA

Seed Giant Of The World - Monsanto $MON

The Impact Of Networking ? Being Unordinary

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