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Weekend Vibes

By Leslielazard @leslielazard

beach house

TGIF. Sadly no three day weekend this week, but it’s still Friday nonetheless. And let’s face it, I’m always glad to see yet another Friday roll around – three day weekend or not. For the first weekend in awhile, I actually don’t have much to do. Besides getting in some much needed me time (me time equaling a much needed hair appointment), and working on new blog posts, I plan on getting in as much rest and relaxation as possible. As per usual, I’ve rounded up my favorites from across the web this week. Enjoy!

  • What the creators of Making a Murderer (highly suggest you watch this!) left out. Hint, additional evidence that points to Steven Avery’s guilt.
  • Loving these gorgeous interiors in Pantone’s color of the year hues.
  • I’m sure all of my gals with a darker skin tone can attest to the trouble that is finding a good foundation match. Consider this your guide for your next foundation purchase.
  • Although it may still be freezing outside, I have my eye on early Spring arrivals. These donut espadrilles (yes, donuts) and these denim shorts are in my shopping cart and ready to go.
  • Your old favorite college meal – ramen noodles, get a totally more mature and sophisticated recipe. And without all the sodium!

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