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Weekend Style Challenge – Change Your Shoes

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Weekend style challenge change your shoes

Many of us have a ‘go to’ shoe that we wear with lots of different things.

Inspired by my post on how a simple pair of shoes changes the whole feeling of your outfit.  Your weekend style challenge is to change the feeling of your outfit just by changing your shoes.

Take a pic with the shoes you regularly wear with that outfit, then choose a different shoe to wear instead – something that has a different look to how the outfit normally appears.

how to change your outfit by changing your shoes

Create an outfit around a different pair of shoes (and why not show us how the outfit changes by photographing a couple of shoe options) then take a quick selfie and share your outfits on your social media account ( you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter please do tag me too) and don’t forget to use the #insideoutstyle hashtag.

Of if you’re not on other social media why not join my new Inside Out Style Lounge private facebook group and share your style there too!

I can’t wait to see your style!

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