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By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen

When I asked for your feedback on how you want the blog to look during this time, one reader asked me to share how we are socializing while remaining physically apart from anyone outside our household.

My mom lives a block or so away, my sister a half-mile away. My mom goes on daily walks and most days stops by my house on her way home. There isn't a lot of foot traffic in our community; when she sees others on the sidewalk she crosses the street if they don'd do it first. We have a chair set up on the edge of our yard for her, it's about ten feet from our front step. She texts on the way to see if we're home and texts once she arrives so she doesn't come near our house. It's close enough to AirDrop so we sometimes share photos and videos from our day, but mainly we talk. When she leaves, we get the mail from the previous day (we leave it overnight so we don't bring anything inside). We get it wearing a latex glove to open the mailbox and with the glove we hold a sanitizing wipe. We wipe down the mailbox, our gate, and the chair my mom sits in. When we visit my mom or my sister, we bring wipes and hand sanitizer to do the same sort of steps for protection as they too have chairs set up on the edges of their yard ready for impromptu visits. We bring our own travel mug of coffee or can of sparkling water for a nice social hour. We wash our hands and change our clothes and wash our hands again when we get home.

My circle of close friends has started virtual "happy hour" once a week and virtual Sunday brunch using the teleconferencing technology one of us has for her job. None of us are really drinking, but it's nice to have a scheduled catch-up where we can discuss how we're holding up, how the week has gone, and have plenty of giggles. I've also started scheduled FaceTime calls with other friends and fellow bloggers, even if we didn't see one another a lot in person before this it still feels really good to have that additional connection right now. I downloaded Google Hangouts on my daughter's tablet (there are settings where only people in your contact list can reach you and various other security settings) so she can video chat with her friends. Google Hangouts is free and available for your phone or tablet and can also work on a computer. No need for a phone number, if you have a Gmail email address you can reach another with a Gmail account. The past two weeks, our daughter had virtual piano lessons thanks to FaceTime. Last night she had her first virtual Girl Scout meeting thanks to Zoom. Zoom is free at a limited capacity, many have paid versions with their jobs that allow for longer sessions. If virtual get together is new to you and you don't have FaceTime with an iPhone, I recommend downloading Google Hangout and testing it out with another friend who uses Gmail. This article at Business Insider breaks down how to use it. I find it user friendly and helps us all feel a little more connected during this time!

How to Help

If like me, you feel helpless during this crisis there are ways you can help from your home and I want to share them. If you have an organization that can be helped, please share them in the comments and I may feature them in a future issue.

Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization with a network of 200 member food banks across the country, created the COVID-19 Response Fund to help food banks across the country as they support communities impacted by the pandemic. The $2.65 million fund will enable food banks to secure the resources they need to serve the most vulnerable members of the community during this difficult time. I read this article at The Washington Post that shares how food banks are having an especially hard time since grocery stores don't have surpluses right now due to customers stocking up to shelter in place. This article from The New York Times illustrates how lower-income families are struggling to put food on the table now more than ever. It is impossible for the Feeding America network to address this pandemic, even with the Response Fund, without additional support. I have made two donations to Feeding America since the beginning of March; it's bad enough people are struggling to stay healthy, as many of us have stocked our pantries with plenty of non-perishables many do not know where their next meal is coming from. Every dollar donated to Feeding America can provide at least 10 meals to families in need through their network of food banks. This is an organization where a small donation can make a big impact.

Weekend Reads

Dalgona coffee is the latest Instagram trend. I haven't tried it, if you haven't and want a recipe without watching 50 Stories from an influencer in her tie-dye loungewear in her white kitchen, I got you, friend. (LA Times)

Rosanna Arquette answers all our questions about Desperately Seeking Susan. (Vulture)

Let free virtual cooking classes from restless chefs entertain you. (City Paper)

15 books about women leading the way on climate change. (Yale Climate Connections)

Fellow Gen Xers rejoice, Pearl Jam is out with a new album! (The Guardian)

I don't know why Dua Lipa's songs have been my soundtrack for the past two weeks. I wake up with "Don't Start Now" in my head and go to sleep humming, "One Kiss." It's why she is my video of the week below, and why I am sharing this piece about how her music can be an escape. (Vox)

I had blue light blocking glasses but I accidentally stepped on them. When Nordstrom had their 25% off I stocked up on essentials (another Fantasie t-shirt bra, a pair of Zella leggings) and got another pair. I got these in black (though they say they're "Crystal Teal" and I thought I'd be getting dark green frames). I look like Iris Apfel and I am not mad about it! Because they're so big they don't block my vision as I'm going from looking at the screen to my keyboard to my notepad to a possible Zoom or FaceTime happening on another screen. They don't slide down my nose either. This is my second pair of blue light glasses from The Book Club and I am impressed with the style and design especially for the low price!

What has Fiona Apple been up to? (New Yorker)

I don't want to be morbid, but do you have your affairs in order? Do your parents? My father-in-law passed unexpectedly when I was seven months pregnant. He had no will, no plans. Luckily, he lead a relatively simple life but it still took over a year and several relatives to take care of everything. Let this article be your motivation to get things in order for your parents. (Mother Jones)


On Instagram and Facebook, I shared that after finishing The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo I was inspired to re-read . I haven't read it in over a decade. And I have to say, that book has NOT held up. I am completely comfortable with dropping a book, and I am dropping this one. I have started by Colleen Hoover. A week or two ago, Hoover made her books free on Kindle and I snapped up all of them. I truly just started this book, like just a few pages the other night before I fell asleep so I can't tell you if it's good or not but several friends and influencers I trust have loved it. I will keep you posted!

Currently watching... well I am writing this Friday afternoon and tonight Karl and I plan to start watching , the new fashion competition show on Amazon Prime. I love Tim Gunn and am glad to see him again on the regular. If you're looking for some silly but not awful reality TV, I recommend The Circle on Netflix. I just can't do Love Is Blind, I am not the kind who enjoys The Bachelor or Real Housewives franchises, but I really liked The Circle and all the people on it. It was a pleasant surprise and not at all stressful watching. As for stressful watching, we're struggling to get through because it just feels too heavy right now. We started watching again this week and I just can't... it's nice to look at but I can't stomach violence or futuristic dystopian stuff at this time. Karl's still into it, but I'm over it completely. It's okay to have your tastes change right now, go with the flow.

As a family we watched and it was enjoyable for all. Karl and I watched together several months ago and plan to re-watch it this time with our daughter.

I haven't listened to any podcasts this week. I usually listen to them when driving, and I haven't driven in quite a while. If you have a podcast you love, do share in the comments for I know many are looking for a fresh distraction!

For Your Entertainment

It's amazing how in just a week or so, music videos feel so much different. I'd usually just find this video by Dua Lipa entertaining, but now I see how many aspects of it would never ever take place now. And her NAILS! That being said, the chorus is begging for a parody about sheltering in place. "I would've stayed at home, 'cause I was doing better alone." It's still a catchy song that will be in your head all weekend!

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