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Weekend Reads

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
Weekend Reads

The holiday rush is over. The seasonal sponsored posts and gift guides have been published, the gifts have been purchased. My daughter finished her last day of school and doesn't return until next decade. We have our traditional Christmas Eve and Christmas Day family activities and even booked a little getaway for New Year's. Other than continuing heathcare woes (yep, I thought it was all resolved last weekend reads but nope), I feel so... free.

I suck at being a holiday blogger. I have grand plans of plotting out gift guides so they're ready to run every Friday from the beginning of November to just before Christmas. Booking sponsored posts early, creating holiday content early so it can run itself most of December. And it never happens and I freak out and mid-December I say, "screw it" and end the whole thing early. And usually, I look back and am not glad about the missed revenue but glad about not turning Wardrobe Oxygen into Christmas Central for two to three months. I'm going to plan 2020's holiday season better - not with more content planned early, but quality content that isn't centered around gift guides and sequined cocktail dresses. I really enjoyed making my self-care gift guide this year. It was whipped together pretty quickly without any agenda. I want to make more content like that. And while sequined cocktail dresses bring in all the likes on Instagram, looking at my analytics what resonates better with you are fun holiday earrings, a red cashmere sweater, maybe a dressy pantsuit that can still be worn beyond December. Instead of feeling bad about missed opportunities, I'm going to see this as great research on how to make next year even better.

The rest of the year is going to be a mixed bag of content on Wardrobe Oxygen. Nothing sponsored, nothing planned, likely a lot of random thoughts turned into posts (and of course there will be Weekend Reads next Saturday). I already started one waxing poetic about my Nespresso machine (LOLOLOL but for realz tho) and one recapping my business in 2019. I look forward to free-flowing thoughts, a bit of a palate cleanser to hit the ground running with fab content for 2020 - my 15th year of Wardrobe Oxygen and it will also be my 45th year on this planet! If you celebrate any holidays this time of year, I hope they are very happy and you find some time for yourself amongst the madness.

Weekend Reads

Last week on Instagram Stories I mentioned the hashtag #okayboomer. And this upset a few boomers who follow me. This hashtag isn't about an age, but a mindset. It's an important hashtag to understand because it goes beyond stereotypes like "When I was your age..." to our current political climate. In my stories and to those who replied with anger, I suggested reading this article about "OK boomer" and I am leaving it here as well because I think it clarifies it well. (Vox)

If you think you're aware of your kid's actions on social media just because you follow their accounts or chat with them about it or even log into their account from time to time... you're not. I encourage you to read this piece. (Medium)

I loved reading about the sentimental pieces of cookware owned by DC-based chefs. (City Paper)

Refinery29 has a series called Money Diaries where they share a week of an anonymous person, how much they make, their bills, and what they spend on an average day. I usually hate it, they're often people who come from money or make way more than what I make and spend on ridiculous things and just seem so materialistic. But this one, this is a good one on so many levels and a must-read. (Refinery29)

2019 was the year of the newsletter. While I unsubscribed from emails from many retailers, I subscribed to many more newsletters about all sorts of topics. One of the most interesting ones I get is FWIW from ACRONYM which breaks down weekly the amount of money spent by presidential candidates on advertising, what kind of advertising, and where.

It's not you. Clothing sizes are broken. (Wall Street Journal but I believe this link will let you read it one time without the paywall)

Speaking of broken and clothing, a profile of three GenZ shoppers that will make your eco-friendly capsule-loving heart break. (New York Times)

You could say this is about Minecraft, a popular video game, but it's really about grief, parenting, and growth. (Narratively)

A top tier of editors, photographers, stylists and buyers once decided which designers and which trends would dictate a season. But that validation no longer carries the same weight with customers. (Business of Fashion)

And for some good news... Women make up the majority of U.S. medical students for the first time. (Today)

And finishing up Weekend Reads with the 19 most important moments for women in 2019. (Elle)

While content will be a bit lean the rest of the year, there will be Weekend Reads next Saturday. It makes me happy that this series has become so popular. I really enjoy putting it together and chatting with you all about the articles, music, and daily life updates!

For Your Entertainment

Orville Peck. I can't share much info on this artist because it's not really out there. How album came out this year, he's this interesting mix of Roy Orbison and KD Lang and Chris Isaak and he wears this fringed mask all the time and his real name is not Orville Peck. Based on visible tattoos, some have figured out who he really is, but it doesn't really matter. He's clearly a music nerd, he loves country music, but his take on the genre is completely modern while also harking back to its roots. His voice is amazing, his style is one of a kind, his songs are haunting, and this video is so artistic I had to share it.

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