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Weekend Reading: 25 June 2011

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
/Following up from my post on Loving Your Stomach - Materfamilias writes about grappling with the issue.
What color should you paint your closet space?  Maria at Colour Me Happy has some inspiration (if only I had a wardrobe that looked anything like the ones in her pictures.)
LPC from Privilege writes about her style evolution via her love of the white shirt.
Loved this post about beauty and ageing from Duchesse over at Passage des Perles.  Don't miss reading the comments - makes for interesting and thought provoking discussion.
La Belette Rouge talks about her new found love of high heeled shoes and the psychological implications of this.
Christine from Sabluco shares her safety pin bracelet - and so intrigued, you know how I love accessories, I found this video that shows how to make one.

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