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Weekend Inspiration / Minimalism

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy

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I’m not always as good at minimalism as I’d like to be. I love images of a clean white house with only the essential furniture and a really cool accessory here and there, but somehow my studio is always a mess and there’s clothes and other stuff everywhere. I like looking at very small, clean wardrobes with only black, grey, and whites – but I also love adding a touch of color or leopard or cat-print to my wardrobe every now and then. I’d like to be able to live with less, but somehow it doesn’t always turn out that way (when I decide I really need a device to make grilled cheese even though I don’t have space in my kitchen). Sometimes I just am really in the mood for less. Have less on my mind. Wear less. Have less. Think less. But then again I am who I am and even though sometimes I wish I was born in Scandiland (minimalism just seems to come natural to them), I am who I am and I’m just not always that good at minimalism. Even though it’s so esthetically appealing to me. And sometimes I feel like people are trying too hard to be minimalistic (on blogs, on instagram) and then I can find it quite liberating that I’m a mess sometimes and not ashamed of it. Luckily there’s moodboards! So I’ll just enjoy (and share here) this week’s inspiration while sitting in my bed in my house that is shattered with clothes and tea mugs and receipts and other random things. Cleaning the house this weekend, that’s for sure. What are you up to this Easter weekend?

images via Pinterest

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