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Weekend Escapades in Brighton.

By Winyeemichelle
Weekend escapades in Brighton. Brightonphoto diarytravel

Weekend escapades in Brighton.

Weekend escapades in Brighton.

Sun, sea and Brighton pebbles.
For me, the true marker of an English summer is a little escapade to the rocky shores of Brighton. I absolutely love this not-so-sleepy seaside town and have done ever since I can remember and so with my cousin having moved there ‘for good’, Louise (aka Babybutter) and I decided to hop on a train and visit for a day.
We arrived in high spirits, sandals slipped on, shoulders exposed thanks to the off-shoulder trend of the moment and summer mode firmly on. But the weather, the weather! Brighton graced us with an odd, sticky mist and murky light gray skies.
Weekend escapades in Brighton.

After meeting Ant (our cousin!) at the Clock Tower in town and a short walk punctuated by reminiscing on childhood memories and incoherent inside jokes, we wandered to and from The Laines and up and down Ship Street, ticking off several PokeStops and eventually deciding to stop for a coffee and a bite to eat at Marwood.
Honestly, this place is incredible.
I find myself subconsciously looking for white wood textures and airy lighting when popping for coffee nowadays, yet another side effect of Being A Blogger In 2016, a terrible ailment ;) but Marwood is the outright opposite and I love it even more so for that.
Weekend escapades in Brighton. Weekend escapades in Brighton.

Every wall is covered in reclaimed tat and preloved treasures. The stairs are likely to Rick Roll you on your way upstairs and there’s an oh so sneaky bar at the coffee pitstop downstairs. There’s a beautiful backyard and a The Shining inspired door. Parts of mannequins woven into the quirky interior. I loved it!
Weekend escapades in Brighton. Weekend escapades in Brighton.

And the homemade Chai latte is simply to die for.
We soon discovered that it’s the ideal spot to poach Pokeballs from the nearby PokeStops as well! It turns out that Ship Street is positively overrun with Voltorb, Magnemite and Poliwag.
Weekend escapades in Brighton.

In classic British summer style, we picked up some beers before very optimistically heading to the beach to chill out, breathe salty sea air and have an almighty catch up.
Of course, it remained gray.
But then! We decided to take a stroll on Brighton Pier (Louise had never been on it!) and pick up some obligatory doughnuts and… the skies cleared!
Weekend escapades in Brighton.
Weekend escapades in Brighton. Weekend escapades in Brighton.
Weekend escapades in Brighton.

In fact, they cleared up a LOT. We settled back down for a spot of Pokemon hunting - I’m really close to evolving my Magikarp now, put it that way - soaked up the sun and polished off our beers.
Weekend escapades in Brighton.

After all of that beach excitement, it seemed only right to end the day with a late afternoon stroll back through the Pavilion, through the North Laines, spend a session in the Photomatic store and wrap up yet another Brighton adventure with dinner at Pompoko for ridiculously affordable Japanese food.
Thanks Brighton, I still love you.

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