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Weeds and Waistlines, Signs of Spring!

By Lochnessgarden @lochnessgarden
It is warmer, yes. The beautiful but icy grip of the Scandinavian anticyclone is loosened. It is dry, surprisingly so and distant hills have smoke patches every day as estates start the moor-burning season. It keeps the fire services busy and hopefully will be finished before the grouse and other ground nesters start to build.Weeds and Waistlines, Signs of Spring!No, the real reason I know is that my muscles ache and I have the oddest twinges. Such is age and a soft winter.My waistline is definitely broader and after about 15 minutes of wheel barrow and lifting work, I am starting to think about the next tea break.This last winter I suddenly decided after years of neglect, that my family needed cake. Well yes, I can still bake, but it will have to stop!Weeds and Waistlines, Signs of Spring!Definitely time to get out and stay out. Spring also brings that restlessness that sees every messy corner and cobweb. A brisk walk around, shows up the leaves that have not been lifted, the jumble of pots in odd corners, and the grassed up areas you meant to deal with last July.

Weeds and Waistlines, Signs of Spring!

The corners no-one is supposed to see, where the dead pots lurk and the Jabberwocky jabbers

And look under the leaves of Epimediums or winter green ferns and there is my old friend ground elder and yes, the dandelions and bittercress have gained volume over this last week. 
Weeds and Waistlines, Signs of Spring!
 Overwhelmed and slightly panicky…it must be spring . The only defence is to lift your eyes and enjoy the hazel catkins, the first primroses and the wonderful snowdrops. However, time to spring clean….If I can find the energy!

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