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Wedel Forest Duo & Coconut Bars

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Wedel Forest Duo & Coconut Bars
I couldn't resist this bar of Wedel "Leśny Duet" when I saw it in my local import store recently. The name translates into English as "forest duo", but presumably it's meant to be "fruits of the forest". The back of the wrapper describes the bar as "Milk chocolate with blueberry and wild strawberry filling". I'm not sure what the difference between regular strawberries and "wild" strawberries is - perhaps these ones are grown in forests?
Wedel Forest Duo & Coconut Bars
Taste-wise the chocolate was lovely. The fruity filling was delightful and had a nice blueberry and raspberry tang. They weren't the freshest of flavours and did taste a tad artificial, but I didn't mind because they actually worked really well with the cream center and the chocolate. It was a very moreish combination and I soon ate most of the bar!
Overall, I thought this was a very tasty bar from Wedel and I'm disappointed they no longer stock it in my local store. Presumably it was a limited edition for Summer. According to the wrapper they also do other "Duet" varieties, which include peach and redcurrant and mango and orange. If anyone spots any of them please let me know!
Wedel Coconut "Kokosowa" Bar:
Wedel Forest Duo & Coconut Bars
When I bought the Forest Duo bar I also spotted  this Coconut, or "Mleczna kokosowa" variety. I couldn't resist, being a fan of all things coconut flavoured!
Wedel Forest Duo & Coconut Bars
It comprises of a coconut cream filling coated in milk chocolate. Being honest I wasn't expecting much because coconut cream bars can sometimes be a little sickly or artificial tasting, but it really surprised me as it had a lovely smooth, creamy coconut taste. Granted it wasn't amazing and it did taste a tad artificial, but I still enjoyed it a lot. It was so creamy and smooth in texture that it was very easy to eat indeed! It also had a slight alcoholic tang which reminded me of malibu.
Overall, this is a very tasty bar from Wedel which I would recommend, especially to those who enjoy coconut chocolates.
Price: Both bars were just over £1.
Allergy Advice: Both bars contain milk and soya.
Cocoa Solids: 29% minimum.

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