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Wedding Registry Items Every Newlywed Couple Needs

By Weddingblog2011

No matter where you decide to register for your wedding gifts, there are some gift items that you just have to have when you and your partner begin your new life together.

Whether you and your partner already live together or you are planning to move in with one another right after your wedding day, there are certain wedding registry items that will help make both of your lives much easier and more enjoyable, right off the bat.

By now, you’ve probably read a handful of ads and promotions in your favorite bridal fashion magazines of items and products you need to register for. It can be easy to get sidetracked and wind up asking for many items that you don’t really need.

While it’s lots of fun to ask for items that are luxurious or that aren’t necessary, it helps to fill your registry with primarily practical things you’ll need after you begin your life together. The practical items will not only come in handy the minute the wedding is over, but the more of them you receive, the less you’ll have to invest in yourself.

Kitchen Items

Register for any kitchen items that you don’t already own, or items that need to be replaced. Essentials such as blenders, toasters, and coffee makers are all basics that you’ll want and need to have around. It’s probably not your idea of fun to blow your next paycheck on these everyday items, so why not let your guests buy them for you?

Bathroom and Bedroom Necessities

Essentials for the bathroom and bedroom are also practical items you should register for. You’ll need towels, linens, sheets, and other extras, like soap dispensers and towel racks. Registering for these necessities also gives you the chance to redecorate or update your existing bathroom and bedroom decor.

Honeymoon Funds

Honeymoon funds are one of the most popular wedding registry items for many newlyweds today. You can find registries that are fashioned around a honeymoon location specifically, or you can simply register for gift cards for restaurant locations or activities that you’d like to try while you are away. Whatever wedding registry items you choose to sign up for, don’t neglect basic necessities for the home and some funds for a memorable honeymoon celebration.

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