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Wedding Planning – Top Tips on Where to Start

By Lovegetssweeter @LoveGetsSweeter

Once you've taken the time to figure out your numbers and what styles you're drawn to you'll find you have a better understanding of what type of venue and wedding suppliers you'll want too.

If you're still on the search for the perfect wedding venue for you I have a curated a list of the very best wedding venues in the North West to help you find the one for you. Not only are they beautiful wedding venues around Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool and the Lakes but they have great reputations and really look after their couples. Read it HERE.

As for styles, for a laid back, rustic wedding it would suit finding suppliers that add to the relaxed vibes too.

So a wedding photographer and videographer who captures a wedding in a natural, un-posed way would work well for a laid back wedding where you want to capture natural moments over anything staged.

A more cinematic or even traditional photographer and videographer may suit your wedding if you'd like something to capture the details and your love story in a really stylish way.

Would you love someone who seems as excited and passionate about your wedding as you are?

Or would you prefer someone who takes a hands off approach?

For many of my couples they tell me it's about trusting their gut on a lot of things.

They may have the perfect shortlist of wedding suppliers and struggle to narrow it down. Taking the time to find out more about each supplier, how they work with their couples and how they may work with them helps them understand who could be perfect for them and their wedding.

Trusting Your Wedding Instincts When Planning

It's easy to be led by budget or price with many things, after all we all have a wedding budget to work with.

However, one thing many of us who have gone before have learnt is that it's important to invest in the things that you'll want to remember about your day!

So ensuring your heart leads on the decisions that will go on to have a greater value to you after the wedding. Like having your memories in photos and video after the day. Or a bridal bouquet that will look beautiful dried out and inside your home.

For us, we knew early on that food, honeymoon and photography was the most important thing so the budget needed jiggling around to accommodate the suppliers we fell in love with.

Later on however, I realised we may go on to regret not having our wedding filmed and had to make a few last minute adjustments to make that work for us too.

Keeping your budget a little fluid allows for movement. Trust those instincts on what's worth investing a little more in when the time comes!

My couples tell me they love stalking...sorry, I mean following their favourite short list of wedding suppliers on the likes of Instagram first.

For those that share to their stories and a little behind the scenes it really helps them get a feel for them as a person as well as a wedding supplier!

You may also spot some of your favourites collaborating and working together too. Below was an incredible shoot for the front cover of the latest Little White Books Magazine ...

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