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By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

Wedding Photography

Image of the Week

In wedding photography you get to photograph ones of the keystone moments in people’s lives and tell the story of how their day unfolded. I absolutely love this photo of John and Sara dancing with their daughter during their wedding party. Nor only is their little girl adorably cute (and she is!) but I just love the look of happiness and excitement on John’s face. You can only have this kind of look on your face when you are astoundingly happy and totally in love. One of my favorite aspects of the photo is the way that his little girl is looking at her own hands as she claps – trying to get it just right as she joins in. We get the back of Sara on the left, but even though we can’t see her face we can tell that she has a huge smile.

I love parties like the one Sara and John had – wall to wall people dancing, clapping and singing. That is how every great day should end.

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Wedding Photography groom dances with daughter

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