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Wedding Photography at The Asylum Chapel

By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

Clare & Hugo’s Asylum Chapel Super-Fun Wedding

Wedding Photography at Asylum Chapel kiss under festoons at night.

We love going on photography adventures that take us out of Yorkshire and so we were super thrilled when Clare and Hugo invited us for a fun-filled day of wedding photography at The Asylum Chapel in London. Awesome couples that have fantastic days often have the loveliest friendship group – people who don’t think twice about going that extra mile to support and look after each other. So naturally, when Clare mentioned that we had met her before in her role as a bridesmaid at ‘the awesome wedding two years ago’, we knew exactly who she was and also knew we were in store for a fantastic day of super cool London wedding photography at The Asylum Chapel.

London skyline including the Gherkin and the Fridge. Bride shows off her nails whilst MUA does hair at London wedding. Bride's father cries with happiness at London Asylum wedding. Reflection of wedding dress in the window at London, Asylum wedding. Bride makes happy face when reading card from the groom at Asylum Chapel wedding. Bride holds blow-up dinosaur with a veil at London Asylum wedding. Bride drinks from mug.

You don’t become a wedding photographer if you don’t like people and so much of our job satisfaction is derived from photographing couples, their friends and family and documenting all those super-important moments in their lives. We always want to see what happens next and with the promise that Jennie (the bride from ‘the awesome wedding two years ago’) was going to be chief bridesmaid AND have her new baby with her – well, we just couldn’t wait to get down to London and begin the next installment in this friendship groups adventures! 

Bride laughs as friend pretends to propose at fun, london wedding.
Little flower girl stands on balcony at London wedding.
Bride makes super funny face whilst MUA applies under-eye powder at Asylum wedding.

The day started out fantastically, while I (Matt) met up with Hugo at Bermondsey Square Hotel, Jaye joined Clare at a flat in Southwark. I just love watching a couple’s dynamics – how two personalities can alternatively contrast and compliment each other but ultimately come together in a unique way that works just right. These unique dynamics were certainly evident in the way Clare and Hugo approached their wedding preparations. Whilst Clare leaped into her day in a flurry of explosive energy, a more reserved Hugo was managing to keep his cool despite the increasingly hot London Summer day weather and the mounting excitement. After lots of laughs, photos of the cutest baby ever (baby courtesy of Jennie) and even the impromptu appearance of an inflatable dinosaur, it was finally time for Hugo to head over to The Asylum Chapel and await his bride.

Groomsman smiles when opening champagne bottle.
Bride being misted by setting spray at Asylum wedding.
Bride makes hilarious face when putting on wedding dress.
Groomsmen eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts at Asylum wedding.
Bride holds all-white wedding bouquet with peonies at Asylum wedding.
Bride smiles and hugs bridesmaid at Asylum wedding.
Portraits of beautiful blonde bride with freckles at Asylum wedding.
Groom buttons cuff links at Asylum wedding.
Bride gives thumbs up in beaded wedding dress.

Wedding Photography at Asylum Chapel

Wedding photography at The Asylum Chapel is always a pleasure and we have rapidly fallen in love with photographing at this beautiful venue. Tucked away in a leafy green oasis of parkland in Peckham, The Asylum Chapel provides an amazing, atmospheric space in which to get married. Awesome stained glass, crumbling, textural walls and the warm glow of candlelight – it’s easy to see why we love wedding photography at the Asylum so much. In an intimate and touching ceremony, Clare and Hugo were married – then it was time to head outside for confetti and canapes.

Painting with light dark and light entrance of bride walking into the Asylum wedding venue.
Bride makes happy face as she walks up aisle at Asylum wedding venue.
Bride and groom look at each other and smile/laugh at London Asylum wedding.
Bride and groom hold hands during the wedding ceremony at The Asylum.
Little flower girl and mother smile at each other during ceremony at Asylum.
Bride's mother looks on during ring exchange at Asylum wedding.
Bride laughs as she walks up the aisle.
Dynamic confetti shot during Asylum wedding.
Bride points at groomsman's handlebar moustache whilst he wears sunglasses at Asylum wedding.
Flower girl covered in confetti at Asylum wedding.
Bride makes sad face at little boy at Asylum wedding.
Little kids sitting in back of vintage car at wedding making thumbs up at Asylum wedding.
Guests gather for group shot.
Bride puts on lipstick whilst the groom holds champagne glass.

Clare and Hugo have so much fun together and are the perfect couple for authentic, natural documentary wedding photography. With The Asylum Chapel providing an awe-inspiring backdrop, we couldn’t have asked for a better location or happier faces. Finally, after lots of laughter and a whole lot more amazing wedding photography at The Asylum Chapel, it was time for us all to hop into a taxi and head over to the evening reception.

Bride and groom snuggle in front of candles at Asylum wedding.
Wide shot of bride and groom inside Asylum wedding venue with crumbling walls.
Bride laughs when shoe gets caught in her dress at Asylum wedding.
Dark, keylight couple's portrait at The Asylum wedding venue.
Bride and groom laugh next to de-constructed wall at the Asylum in London
Bride smiles as groom kisses her on the cheek at The Asylum with candles in the background.
Top-down shot of groom kissing bride encircled in candles at The Asylum wedding.
Bride & groom next to crumbling pale blue wall in de-consecrated church at The Asylum in London.
Wedding Photography at The Asylum.
Wedding Photography at The Asylum.

Clare and Hugo were having their reception at The Tanner Warehouse in Bermondsey Square and had planned a fun-filled evening complete with table tennis and a glorious feast. Hugo kicked off the speeches with his best man in support, and then it was Clare’s dad’s turn to provide one of the funniest dad speeches of our 2018. We just love when dads really own their speeches and it wasn’t long before Clare’s dad had everyone laughing so hard that there wasn’t a dry eye left in the house.

Bride and groom open champagne in car.
Fun bride necks prosecco in vintage car at London wedding.
Bride rubs out wrong letter on chalkboard at her wedding.
Bride & Groom kissing in doorway in front of yellow London building.
Groom kisses cute bride on the cheek at London wedding near yellow walls.
Groom's mom smiles during wedding speeches.
Bride smiles at dad during wedding speeches.
Bride kisses dad on the cheek during speeches at London wedding.
Guest makes funny face during wedding speeches.
Bride, groom & gusts raise glasses of beer and champagne for a toast.
Groom hold cake from falling down at London wedding during cake cutting.

With the sun setting outside, a packed dance floor made for the perfect end to an awesome day of creative and fun wedding photography.

Groom kisses bride on cheek at London wedding.
Adorable baby wearing ear defenders at London wedding.
Bride gives thumbs up during evening dancing.
Band sings during London wedding.
Bride & groom kiss on the dance floor at London wedding.
Guest does funny fingers at camera during party.
Bride dances with abandon at London wedding.
Guests smiling at each other at London wedding.
Bride puts tie on guest's head during fun wedding party.
Wedding guest dancing whilst holding a beer.
Bride does John Travolta disco move on the dance floor at her London wedding.

Hugo and Clare we had such a good time at your wedding and can’t wait to see where your adventures take you next!

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