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Wedding Festival Vibes in Lancashire

By Lovegetssweeter @LoveGetsSweeter

Filming The Wedding Speeches

Once guests were settled it was time for the Best Men to say a few words.

Despite the nerves, they had everyone laughing along and shared some great stories of them growing up with Matt.

Laura then did her own wonderful speech and got a lot of giggles, as well as a few emotional tears from the guests!

Did Someone Mention 'Surprise'?

Picture the scene.

I'm just sitting down after being non-stop for about 6-7 hours of being their videographer. I'm about to tuck in to the most amazing looking roast dinner when my second shooter Paul comes running at me wide eyed.

He whispers about a surprise but they won't tell us when, just to be ready for them...

Thankfully a little bit of detective work and some gentle persuasion and I could eat my roast in peace, knowing I wasn't risking missing the action!

What is this surprise...?

Singing Waiters!

Now, Laura is one super organised Bride so they did very well not to give the game away. And I hope our panicked faces didn't alert anyone either!

We always love to ensure we're capturing the big reveal so it was important to us that we were 'in' on the surprise!

Laura's reaction was so worth the effort of ensuring we knew when to press record...

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