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Wedding Day Tips For Bridesmaids

By Cjgphoto

Being a bridesmaid is a special honor, it shows how important you are to the bride and that it is important to her that you take part in one of the best days of her life. Be it a bridesmaid in the state or from afar the duties are the same and the experience is just that an experience of a lifetime. Here are a few tips to being an well-planned and smart bridesmaid.

Bridesmaids Afar

If you are a traveling bridesmaid here is a guide for you. Number one, make sure you carry your dress on the plane. I know this sounds like a hassle but you wouldn't want something to happen to your luggage (this does happen) and you are stranded without the most important thing, the dress. Also, make sure you pack a carry on. Be Prepared for anything.

TIP: Let the flight attendant know you are going to be in a wedding and ask if there is a place they can hang the dress. Typically they have a small closet space to accommodate you.

TIP: Make sure to bring an extra bag so you don't need to drag your large suitcase around.

Bridesmaids In

You've been asked to be a bridesmaids in your friends wedding. What an honor, but where to begin? You will go through all the fun moments from helping the bride choose the best dress for her special day, to finding out what dress and shoes you will get to wear to compliment her on her big day.

  • DO NOT wear your shoes only on the day of the wedding. Make sure to break those shoes in, wear them around the house you will thank yourself later.
  • Bring a pair of comfy shoes. When it comes to the reception you might want a pair of fancy comfy sandals.
  • When it comes to hair, if the bride is leaving this up to you make sure you extend the courtesy of sending her the picture you'd like.

Bridesmaids Checklist

I have created the best bridesmaids checklist. Being a wedding photographer who has documented over 100 weddings, this checklist has saved the day for many bridesmaids in the past and I continue to share it with all my future clients. Now it's yours FREE. Enjoy.

Leave me a comment with what you feel could be added to the list, or what you found was most useful to you.

Catherine Gross

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