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Wedding Crashers

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
Although the bride and groom are both Catholic, the wedding ceremony we witnessed was a traditional one held at the groom's house. The Church wedding happened weeks prior at the bride's hometown. I will not tell you every last details of the ceremony for I honestly drew a blank through most of it. It was in Vietnamese after all. To learn about a traditional Vietnamese wedding, you can read about it here.
Wedding CrashersThe gate of the groom's house is decorated for this special occasion
Wedding CrashersThe couple serves tea to their parents
Wedding Crashers Candle ceremony to symbolize the joining of the two families
Wedding CrashersSpeeches by relatives and family follow
Wedding CrashersNice mustache, sir!
Wedding CrashersGifts from the groom's family
Wedding CrashersAt the reception
Wedding Crashers Guests drop their gift (money in an envelope)at the sign-in table at the entrance of the reception
Wedding Crashers The couple up on the stage
Wedding CrashersThe wedding cake. Only the top one is real.
Wedding CrashersPouring the wine
Wedding Crashers While guests eat, there are dance and song presentations
Wedding CrashersDuring the meal, the couple visits each table for a toast
Wedding Crashers The couple with the groom's family
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