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Wedding Band and DJ Pros and Cons

By Weddingblog2011

Having a hard time deciding whether a live band or a DJ is right for your wedding reception? Check out these wedding band and DJ pros and cons before you make a final decision.

For some couples, deciding between a live wedding band or a DJ is a simple choice, but others need to evaluate wedding band and DJ pros and cons before they make a final decision. After all, the music at the reception will have a big impact on the tone and feel of the event, not to mention the type of music that is played. Both options have their ups and downs, and if you’re on the fence, familiarizing yourself with the pros and cons can help make the decision process a little easier.

Here are some wedding band and DJ pros and cons to consider and how they affect your special day:

Live Band Pros—One nice thing about a live band is the sound. Having a band play live at your reception makes the entire event feel like a big celebration. Also, there is a personal level of interaction that comes with a band that a wedding DJ cannot offer. While a DJ can entertain, speak to guests, and make requests, a live band gives a complete performance.

Live Band Cons—Hiring a band can often be pricier than hiring a DJ and it can sometimes be more difficult to find a band that suits your exact taste and style in music and performance.

DJ Pros—DJs are often less expensive than live bands, and they are also very versatile when it comes to music selection. For example, many live bands can play hundreds of cover songs, but they might not know how to play certain songs you’d like to hear, or they might be unable to learn how to play them before your big day. A DJ can play just about anything and if you give them a list before the wedding, they can make sure they have every song selection on hand and ready to go.

DJ Cons—One drawback to using a DJ instead of a live band is you don’t get a grandiose entertainment experience, and many guests feel that a DJ lacks the ambience for a formal affair. However, this is purely a matter of opinion and every couple should consider this factor when comparing the wedding band and DJ pros and cons.

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