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Wearing Your Graduation Sash

Posted on the 25 September 2015 by Karibestrycki @bloglikeitshot

A graduation sash is a long shawl or scarf that is usually draped over the student's shoulders during the commencement exercises. Numerous methods of wearing a stole may be adopted. In the long run, this can help create an appropriate appearance that comes with the graduation cords. This article guides you on the right way of wearing your academic sash for the ceremony.In wearing your academic stole, you have to make sure that the graduation regalia is properly outfitted for the commencement exercises. You also want to be sure that your stole design is approved by the authorities in the learning institution you are graduating from.

Wearing Your Graduation Sash
Your graduation stole is just regarded as a part of the entire outfit that you will use for the ceremony. It is essential for you to consider the type of clothes that you are planning to wear under the graduation gown. For this matter, dark semi-formal clothes are usually recommended in most learning institutions.

As for your foot wear, neutral shades are also recommended to avoid distracting attention from the formality of the event. It goes without saying that your shoes should also be clean and polished. Also, they should be comfortable enough for you because you will be required to walk on different types of surfaces such as carpets and steps.

Your graduation sash is worn over your graduation gown. Your academic stole is sometimes also referred to as the hood or the sash. The academic sash is typically displayed to show off your accomplishments in the academic institution that you belong to. This may include but are not limited to symbols of your sorority affiliations, fraternity affiliation, major course work, and graduation year. The symbols are often embroidered on the stole to indicate pride. This is actually one of the main reasons why graduates choose to wear stoles. They serve as a showcase of the things that they have done throughout their years in school.

The graduation sash should be worn properly, with the V-shaped end of the graduation stole facing the front. The tassels should be positioned along your back. Your graduation stole must go over the shoulders and along the top of your graduation gown. Make sure that the ends of the stole are positioned evenly. Have someone to check out your entire graduation outfit to ensure that everything is straight before you walk down the red carpet for your graduation march and up the stage to get your diploma.

Wearing Your Graduation Sash
The graduation sash is not just another piece of clothing accessory. It is supposed to be held with the same regard as the graduation gown and cap. The entire graduation attire is symbolic of the journey you have gone through in school. It's an indication of what you have accomplished. It's a great way to mark this special milestone in your life. It is just right for you to pay special attention to this graduation accessory.

Way before your graduation day, you have to take time to explore your options. Make the necessary inquiries with your school's administration office about the requirements and regulations you have to comply with in terms of your stole design. Once you have this information, you can already check out what stole designs are available.

If you want to customize your stole, you can also find online graduation stole stores that provide customization services. Design your stole and then place your order. Pay attention to the delivery schedule so you would not have to worry about getting your stole on time. Do not forget to allot time for shipping and possibly even returns in case the sash that is delivered to you does not meet your requirements.

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