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Wearing a Beach Wrap to Work (Outfit)

By Themowway @themowway
Beach cover up to work  - TheMowWay.comThis "skirt" is actually a BEACH WRAP!! I am always telling everyone who is willing to hear me, how much I love versatile items... and t!hat I don't like spending much money to look fab! (and I say so myself.. ha!) Got this gem at a street market (the same day I got these pants!) and it also cost me 0.50EUR... yep, you DON't have to spent loads of cash to look good! Beach cover up to work  - TheMowWay.comI have learnt that fashion is more about attitude rather than money! Beach cover up to work  - TheMowWay.comLove the summer, but the heat we have in Valencia, Spain, makes me want to peel my skin off and hate everyone... I am looking forward to cooler days... but not winter!!! I am sure I will get loads of use out of these amazing shoes this autumn! :) Beach cover up to work  - TheMowWay.comBeach cover up to work  - TheMowWay.comWore this to work and after we went to visit my mom and her boyfriend at his house. Paris came with us and she had a blast. He has a garden, so she ran around, munched on some weeds and dug a bit in the soil... Beach cover up to work  - TheMowWay.comBeach cover up to work  - TheMowWay.comLook at that dirty face!!! Even so, when we told her off for digging big holes she said: "Do you have any PROOF that I have been digging in the soil?" Cheeky chops!!! Beach cover up to work  - TheMowWay.comToday is bank holiday in Spain, no idea, what we are supposed to be celebrating, they ony thing that I care is that I don't have to go to work....
Have you ever worn something "unexpected"?Let us know all the details!!!!
What I wore:
Beach wrap: pre-loved (0.50)
Vest: Primark (10)
Belt: Blanco Suite (10)
Clutch: Blanco Suite (7)
Blazer: H&M (15)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Feda (50)
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