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WeAreLucky: Paying It Forward Around the World, £1,000 a Time

Posted on the 18 April 2012 by Periscope @periscopepost
WeAreLucky: Paying it forward around the world, £1,000 a time

Giving it all away. Photo credit: HitThatSwitch

Luck. The conventional wisdom is that some people have it and some people don’t, but there are those who think that luck is somewhat more tangible than that, that perhaps you can make your own luck – and that maybe, if you find yourself very lucky by chance or happenstance, you ought to spread some of that luck around.

One South African man is doing just that: After coming into a significant amount of money recently, the anonymous philanthropist has dedicated himself to giving it away, £1,000 at a time, to people who seem like they deserve it and with the caveat that they do something good with it. He started last August and has already given away more than £55,000 in places where £1,000 will go a very long way indeed (Kerala, India for example) to places where it might not go very far at all (Las Vegas, Nevada).

“I planned to give the money to complete strangers – someone different every time – and all I’d ask is that they’d do something positive with the cash. I didn’t just want to share the money; I wanted to share the responsibility that came with it. I would take a few photos, ask a few questions and build a gallery of Lucky people and stories,” he wrote on his website WeAreLucky. “Well, that was the plan anyway. But giving away £1,000 every day is harder than it sounds. Trust me.”

WeAreLucky is in London this week; check out his Twitter feed to track how the project is going, and visit the site to read stories of those who have been lucky.

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