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Wealth Inequality in America - Shockingly Brilliant Video

Posted on the 05 March 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I don't like the implied "you gotta work work work," to have a fulfilling (American Dream) lifestyle, and while this following video is starkly informative SOCIALISM (in fact any of the ISMs; communism, deism, militarism) isn't the answer to 'ideal wealth distribution'.
I'd love to see a Global Version of the following US-centric video.

in fact there is no such thing as 'ideal wealth distribution' as it implies IT'S YOURS, and it's not. First of all, Economy is a game. It's a piece of string. You pull one side to you, you shrink the other side for someone else. Even if your government employs 'quantitative easing' you're forcing a repayment onto someone else. It's a ruthless mathematical model, a simulation of reality, an arbitrary ruleset dimension. Economies don't exist.
Our planet is THIS BIG: it's no bigger than it'll always be (unless you're a fan of Neal Adams Growing Earth, which still has the implicit percentage problems I'm about to list) and you will always have polar regions, you will always have deserts, you will always only have a percentage of arable land at any given time in the Sun/Earth relationship, you always have the same amount of gold, oil, pig bellies, other assets and minerals etc. It's always a time-fixed value.
The WHOLE PLANET is the economy and it DOESN'T BELONG to any one group of Game Players or Tyrants or Businessmen. It doesn't even belong to the People. It is SHARED or SHARABLE, sure, sharable, but winnable in a war? Pollutable in an industrial growth phase? Ruinable in an empire conquest mission.
NO, none of those things.
It is OURS-collectively to understand and protect. There is NO IDEAL wealth distribution; the researched optimum is meaningless, it implies that there's really no point in playing for such minimal rewards: the reality is sickening because for Economies to work the players must be stripped of their moral right not to screw their opponents to the wall.
There is no GAME on a Free Planet.
That's the only reality.

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