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We Wish You All A Very Happy New Year!

By Mel Schubert @USA_Travel_News
We Wish You All A Very Happy New Year!
Today, we take time on this last day of the year to reflect on the past year days. 
We look back on the lessons we’ve learned, our accomplishments, and often set goals for the future. 
We remember with fondness and love those we’ve lost. 
We pray for the return of our loved ones in uniform around the world, and know that they will remain in our hearts as we move forward into the New Year. 
So tonight, let go of any sadness or negativity by throwing open all your windows at midnight, or just grab a broom so you can sweep away all the sorrows of yesterday out your door as the clock chimes in the end of the year. 
It’s the eve of a New Year, anything is possible with hope in our hearts, and here are some unique and festive ways to celebrate it!

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