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We Welcomed Someone New

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Yesterday I shared some exciting news I wanted to tell you all. While my Mom and sister were in town this past weekend, we had such a great time shopping for our house, spending time with Lily, eating out so many delicious places and celebrating a belated Mother's Day for my Mom and an early birthday for me since she won't be able to come down in a few months in person. We had already had a super busy 24 hours and were eating lunch when Zach mentioned a co-worker of his had kittens for sale!
I didn't think much but wanted to see the photos and couldn't help but grin when I saw this beautiful little 5 week old girl. She had to be ours! We ended up finishing our lunch, grabbing a few essentials and drove down an hour south of Atlanta to see the kittens. Lily was so excited she kept giggling and laughing at the small little fur babies. After a few minutes, Zach said he really wanted this little girl we had been looking at and we took her home!
We Welcomed Someone New
We Welcomed Someone New
We named her Belle and although Ellie is still unsure of this new addition to our family, we know she'll come around eventually. Having a kitten is a lot of work and we already adore how sweet, cuddle and affectionate she's been with everyone. Lily is still unsure since our cat is declawed and this little lady obviously still has all of hers.
We Welcomed Someone New
If anyone has any tips to help us make the transition easier for her, or toddler or cat I'd love to read them! For those that you that don't know, Ellie is extremely territorial so she clearly is making her presence known with hissing and growling at Belle for now, which is understandable. Belle already ran out of our bedroom this morning and Ellie was so taken back she ran the opposite direction ha!
Thanks already for your sweet well wishes on my Snapchat ( @CaitW22) She's already loving being part of the family and we feel lucky to have her. And just be prepared for overload sharing of that little rascal on there!
Have you ever introduced a new pet into your family?How did your other family members react?Any tips for introducing an older/newer kitten to the family?We Welcomed Someone New
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