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We Love: Coolhaus Ice Cream LA

By Icecreamed


If you think for one second that the coming away from a brutally long, and ever more persistent winter (is this what we call Spring?) will deter me from seeking out, hoarding, and consuming unimaginable amounts of ice cream, well, you really don’t know me at all by now. I mean I am an ice cream editor after all. Tisk tisk. Because when I am not fantasizing about brownies a la mode, or chocolate (in any shape or form really) or burgers with milkshakes (without the shake, there’s no point) I am hopelessly dreaming about my next bowl of ice cream. Actually, sometimes its not even a bowl. Lately, its been, gasp, a sandwich. If you don’t live in New York or LA, you might as well leave now. Don’t torture yourself. If you do live in those two great cities, or Austin (now Dallas!), read on. Okay okay, there is online ordering now too, so don’t fret.

So here is the deal. I am in love with a sandwich. Not just any sandwich. Its Coolhaus. I love it more than cupcakes. The first time we met, he was a double chocolaty cookie protecting a creamy nutella filling. Last weekend, I was introduced to a smore’s cookie with balsamic fig mascarpone ice cream. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably met the monster yourself. To be honest, I was charming enough to bite into the maple waffle white chocolate with vanilla sandwich right next to me too. Gosh, you should see me in action. And now, well, the only thing keeping me away from my new friends right now…is distance. What else can I say. So, have you tried Coolhaus ice cream yet? It’s practically summer. What are you waiting for!


Sunday September 27, 17.30.04

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