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We Have No Secrets

By Desiree68 @pullyoursocksup
A week ago today, we had people over for drinks and finger food, which turned into dinner, thanks to our dear foodie friend Paul who was staying with us.
I remarked in my last post it was the first time I'd entertained a decent-sized crowd in five years.
Truth is, it was the first time in half a decade that I'd fed and watered any group other that my immediate family.
Because I was scared of falling off the wagon.
It will be five years on May 2 since I had a drink and I still haven't had a drop.
I've been blogging for four years and each year I make a point of giving myself a pat on the back here.
But don't congratulate me, I don't expect accolades.
Before that date in 2009, despite my ernest efforts, I'd slowly been making a big mess of myself and couldn't face a social occasion without getting hammered to some degree.
Three days later I was having my first stay in the loony bin.
The people I hurt the most were my children.  But they still seem to like me.
The words of #3 Son will always ring in my ears. 
I was making my daily late afternoon detour to the bottle shop for supplies and the wee chap (aged 7 at the time) piped up "Why are we ALWAYS coming here?"
I will be forever grateful for their forgiveness and for my dear husband, The Phoenix, for getting me through.
We Have No SecretsSo, I've broken the spell, I'm not afraid to be within a meter of alcohol, I can entertain again and I've finally relinquished my self-imposed titles of party-pooper and social pariah.If you can ignore the rant about The Onion, Emily has some interesting things to say about socialising without a drink in a piece published in xo Jane today, which reveals similar problems she faced when she decided on sobriety.We Have No SecretsYesterday I craved another poison: neon!
I couldn't get enough of it so as you can see, I piled it on, even my lipstick was a neon shade of red.
Earrings, sunnies and 1940s navy slip - EtsyGreen necklace - secondhand marketYellow African necklace and bracelets, 1970s pendant and bangles - op shopsPink spiked bracelet - gift from darling VixSlave bracelet - PhussyLipstick - Suedeberry by Lime CrimeWe Have No SecretsOh and remember my Frida lamp?
For those interested, it wasn't purchased from an op shop, anyone who gave that away would need their head read.
No, the lamp and hand painted cushion were from a wonderful local emporium called Creative Treasures which stocks locally-made crafts, clothing and soft furnishings, retro records, vintage clothing and collectibles.
We Have No Secrets
We Have No Secrets
We Have No SecretsPics of the lamp illuminated and our gorgeous new cushion, both made by Recycled by Wendy, who has an amazing eye and knack for mixing stunning fabrics and tapestries to make cushions, reupholstered second-hand furniture, throws, footstools, bags and clothing.
We Have No Secrets
We Have No Secrets 
We Have No SecretsI need this enormous cheongsam satin cushion and footstool in our house pronto.
Even the chillies are handmade using satin fabric.
We Have No Secrets
We Have No SecretsThe kimono lady, reef, windmill and mountain scenic fabrics are all tapestries and are mixed in with sequinned Indian fabrics and colourful cottons.  The perfect throw, couch cover or wall hanging.We Have No Secrets 
We Have No SecretsI bought these vintage sunnies from Creative Treasures for $5.
We Have No Secrets
We Have No SecretsTonight, blinged up once more and my hair curled with hot rods.
Not enough jewelry though ... never enough!
We Have No Secrets1960s top, shoes, globe earrings - eBayShiny skirt - op shopSlave bracelet - Creative TreasuresRing - craft marketZip hair clip - gift from Erica Louise of Recycled FashionWe Have No Secrets
We Have No Secrets
We Have No SecretsI hope you're all enjoying your long weekend.
We're off to Southbank tomorrow to ask Will and Kate to dinner. haaaaa!!
Baci, D xx

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