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We Die Alone (2019) Short Movie Review

By Newguy

We Die Alone (2019) Short Movie ReviewDirector: Marc Cartwright

Writer: Marc Cartwright (Screenplay)

Starring: Samantha Boscarino, Ashley Jones, Baker Chase Powell, Darielle Deigan

Plot: A chance encounter dangerously intertwines the lives of three people with differing perspectives on love.

Runtime: 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Loneliness Shown Perfectly

Story: We Die Alone starts as we meet Aidan (Powell) who struggles to connect with women in everyday life, he tries dating apps, only to not follow through with the dates, but has a strong connection with work colleague Elaine (Jones) but when he meets new neighbor Chelsea (Boscarino).

When Aidan looks to show his courage to finally go through with a date, things go in a different direction that anyone had planned, showing us how life will leave people growing old alone.

We Die Alone (2019) Short Movie Review

Thoughts on We Die Alone

Final Thoughts We Die Alone is a very clever look at how difficult modern dating can be, showing us just how difficult it can be to make or take a chance on a connection, as you will never know who the other person truly is. We get three strong performances from Samantha Boscarino, Ashley Jones and Baker Chase Powell who all show us the struggles their characters are going through. We will see the story go in a direction you won’t see coming. One of the most entertaining way to look at short movies, is questioning whether it could become a full feature, at with this story, we could easily have a longer version, that doesn’t take away anything from the short version either.

Overall: Modern Dating Delight.

We Die Alone (2019) Short Movie Review

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