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We Did Our First Ever Swap!

By Chaayen

I heard a lot about The Fashion Pulpit so I decided to give it a go myself. The main pushes were (i) I really had too much relatively unworn clothes lying around, (ii) my Mum was pressuring me to move them to my new house which didn't have a huge cupboard and (iii) I am starting to be into the green economy.

The biggest challenge was basically my mother. Was expecting her to say "bring back covid germs" etc. but nope she did not, instead she went "please give your junk a second lease of life" And I am proud to say I did. 

We did our First Ever Swap!

Basically, there are 4 categories and I went for the one-time swap (initially) because I wasn't sure if I liked it and also I wasn't sure how strict they were. And so, I brought like 12 pieces of clothes there and only 6 pieces were accepted. But I guess some of my pieces were pretty valued because I got a whooping 34 points to trade.
I haven't quite figure out how the place is arranged but I guess I will figure it out after a few trips there. The good news was that there was a fitting room so I could get clothes that fit me. I ended up scoring 2 Ukrainian inspired pieces (which I can totally see myself wearing), 1 Zalora and another Mango. And also, drumroll please - a swarovski necklace. WOW!
We did our First Ever Swap!

I spent about an hour (including swapping and choosing my clothes). I think I am just a boring old fart, so I always pick the same style and I didn't exactly go down with a loot. LOL! I enjoyed myself so much I actually upgraded my membership to revamp my wardrobe.
It is really an excellent shopping place for women in particular because we tend to grow out of certain styles fast (I swapped in most of my teenage fashion. I couldn't see myself prancing in mini skirts anymore) and if you have just went through a size change (for me, it is pregnancy, I could basically still fit in most of my clothes, but I just don't look good in them anymore). It is not just giving my clothes a new lease of life. It was also giving myself a new lease of life :)

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