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We Decided On..

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Happy Wednesday friends! I'm slowly starting to feel better thank goodness. I hate being cooped up inside especially when we're here to house hunt, but thankfully as you read yesterday, we actually made a pretty quick decision.
So, what did we decide on when we last talked? A new build or an existing home? Well...
We Decided On..We're going to build! It's been a life long dream of Zach and myself to build our own home and now that we know we 99% sure we won't be moving again we're anxious to get everything started and have our dream home! I've shared a few sneak peeks on my Insta Stories of the kitchen and the incredible walk in closet I'll have to create some great custom shelving in there in the months to come. It won't be ready to be moved in until this fall but that'll give me plenty of time ( with your help too ) to figure out what I want and design! Get ready for lots of pinterest post too ha.
And yes I'm sure you're wondering where I am in this great photo. Clearly nowhere because I'm still extremely under the weather so Zach was sweet to go out and get a picture taken for us.
Wishing you a great HUMP day friends! If interested feel free to check out some of these other posts going on around these parts of the blog!
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