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We Are Fashion Web Documentary by Attire Club

By Attireclub @attireclub

We Are Fashion Web Documentary by Attire ClubBack a little while ago (or was it a longer while ago?), we released a public announcement on our website in regards of a short movie we wanted to make.

Under the title "We Are Fashion", we wanted to do a short web documentary about fashion bloggers from all over the world and their views on style, fashion and their significances and roles in our daily life.

The turnout was impressive and got us quite excited. Bloggers from every continent shared their videos or slideshows with us. Due to the large amount of submissions and the diversity of the videos, the concept of the project had to change more than once. It was really great to see so many different submissions. Watching each and every one really gives one a sense of how different people are and, yet, how we are so much alike. It was so great to have such varied and different opinions on trends, inspiration and more!

In the end, the web documentary became a collage of videos and slideshows. These were broken down into four major parts and one extra note. Each part contained a lesson that everyone can learn from the bloggers who were selected to appear in the movie.

We Are Fashion Web Documentary by Attire Club

Opening up and sharing their take on style and the importance of fashion, the bloggers who sent us videos and who were carefully selected for the final cut of the movie, expressed some great thoughts about fashion and style.

Here are some quotes from the bloggers:

"When you feel confident walking into a room, that's style" - Amy J. Frost

"Beauty is like a two-sided coin. On one side you have a side of beauty that is superficial and very subjective, on the other side of that coin you have beauty that's internal, that's something that is based on character and integrity." - Robert

"I'm interested in fashion because it brings out the best in me. It makes me know more about myself, it makes me look gorgeous, look simple, look sexy." - Lesley

"My style is me, it's how I want to look, and, that's it!" - Tatianna

"Fashion for me is a reflection of people's tastes, interests, their imagination." - Jack

"I find it rather annoying how some people call something unfashionable. You create your own fashion, so it is in fashion." - Balsam

"Always try to make them [trends] your own" - Ennis

"I love following trends (...) but (...) I like to put little tweaks and I like to make it my own personal style in my own way." - Precious

"Beauty is when you turn your head around and you think Wow, that's amazing!" - Lauren

"My vision for is to show that everywhere you go there is some form of unity when it comes to the world of fashion." - Balsam

"The most important thing in life is being yourself." - Laura

"I think beauty is basically the way you carry yourself, the way you know your self-worth" - Precious

We are very thankful to all the bloggers who have sent us in their videos. Here is a shout out to the bloggers who appear in the movie:

AJ, Jeff, Shermaine Yap, Philippines

Amy J. Frost, USA

Amy Stiff, United Kingdom

Anngelik Martinez, USA

Balsam, Oman

C.C. Leigh, USA

Ennis Musenja, United Kingdom

Jack Bradley, United Kingdom

Jessica Gong, Australia

Karen Joy Embajador, USA

Kristina, The Netherlands

Laura, Spain

Lauren Alston, USA

Lesley Abegunde, Nigeria

Okudoh Ofobuike, France

Precious Olubiyi ,USA

Robert Bahia, USA

Tatianna Barry, USA

Vinita, India

You can watch and comment on the 12 minute web documentary on the Attire Club Youtube channel or below:

Fraquoh and Franchomme

P.S. What do you think of the short documentary? Who is your favorite character from it? With whom do you agree most? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! For more articles on style, fashion tips and cultural insights, don't forget to subscribe to Attire Club via e-mail or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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