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We Are All Mad in Here.

By Mmpotrony @mmpotrony

we are all mad in here.
Ok, just to tell you guys I'm having a breakdown, I need some time for myself ASAP! Just to more weeks to go and I'll be finally home, I just learned in this months tat ORGANIZATION is the key to succeed, in every single part of your life. But thats the funny thing about life, we failed first the test and then we are given the lessons HA HA funny thing -not- anyways just to tell you that sooner than you thing I will be back faster, stronger, better -and anything -er- but for now here's one tip; DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, EVER! -yeah I was supposed to learn that from my english teacher at school but, high school was a lot easier than being in college, living by yourself miles and miles away from home- whatever, just don't panic, breath in and just keep remembering... this shall pass to.

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