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We All Try.

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog
"I believe you when you say that 
you've lost all faith 
but you must believe in something 
something something 
you gotta believe in something 
something something." -Frank Ocean

I believe that most people are good people, or at least they try to be. I agree with Frank Ocean when he says "I don't believe we're wicked, I know that we sin but I do believe we try." I have made plenty of mistakes in the past but I try my best to be a good person. Having Zahara has made me such a better person. I have learned that it’s not all about what you can get, but more about what you can give. I feel so happy when people tell me that they love my blog. I would love to donate to charities for single moms and their children, but for now this blog is my way of giving back. I want everyone that is going through similar situations that I went through to believe that things will get better. Never stop trying.

  • I believe that everything in our lives has happened for a reason.
  • I believe that I was forced to be alone and pregnant so that I would humble myself and gain sympathy for other human beings.
  • I believe that being abandoned by a pathological liar was a blessing in disguise.
  • I believe that I was strong enough to deal with situations from my past. 
  • I believe that God has a great plan for my life. 

"You gotta believe in something"

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