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Ways to Improve Your #Golf Game During the Off-Season

By Golfforbeginners
This golf blog, "Ways to Improve Your Golf Game During the Off-Season" is a guest post by Matt Mascarenas (bio below). Thanks for the insight Matt!

The season is winding down and most golfers will be putting their clubs away for the winter but many players aren't considering the importance of off-season training. Sure, playing golf through the snow is next to impossible, however, if consistent progress is important to you, taking time off is not an option.  Working on your game over the winter will give you the spring edge; you'll be ahead of where you let off in fall, you'll eliminate the early season slump, and your friends who took the winter off will be struggling to keep up! Here are a few golf tips to keep you golf-ready when the fairways turn green again:

1. Set Goals

It's important to have a clear perspective on where your game stands at the end of the season. You'll need to be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses before you can set future goals. The first thing I do entering the off-season is to review last year's goals. 
  • Did I meet the previous year's goals? 
  • What did I do right? 
  • What areas of my game was I performing poorly? 
Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be to identify the areas of your game that need improvement.

Snow Covered Golf Course

2. Exercise

Every new golf season starts with optimism and excitement; that fades once you get on the golf course and realize you're lacking in physical ability. You haven't fully lost your game, but the winter break has definitely taken its toll.
Exercising during the winter is extremely important — not just to stay in shape, but to get into better shape. Improving your fitness will benefit your golf swing, add distance to your hit, lower stress and improve thinking skills. We all know that the mental aspect of golf is just as important as the physical aspect — keeping a clear and healthy mind is key.
Set up a fitness plan for yourself and stick to it. Evenexercising a couple times a week will put you ahead of the golf curve, assuring that your progress from the previous season doesn't go to waste.  

3. Practice Indoors

Putting is one of the easiest skills to improve during the winter. I keep a putting space set up at home and at the office and make a regular habit out of putting throughout the day. This will help improve putter face alignment, routine, and eye position — all critical techniques to master on your way to a better score. Practicing your full swing in the house can be a little more challenging if you have low ceilings like I do. Many sports clubs now offer golf simulators to practice on while the green is covered in snow. Not only are they realistic, but they offer measured data on your swing speed, ball flight, trajectory and spin ratio. Golf simulators also allow you see the distance and shape of your shot so you can keep track of your progress leading up to the next season.
Golf Simulators

4. Book a Trip With Friends

Book a golf trip with your friends. This is a great opportunity to keep yourself practicing without having to practice discipline. My friends and Iplan a trip every January to escape the snow and get back on a real course. This has helped me extend the season in my mind, knowing that the final game of my season is right before the next one begins. More importantly, it keeps golf alive for us during the off-season.
Golf Trip with Friends
Guest Post Author Bio This article is work of Matt Mascarenas from Matt is an avid Golf enthusiast and spends all of his time on the course. When he’s not working on his fairway shot, you will find Matt writing about his passion for the process of the game. 
How Do You Keep Your Golf Game in Shape During the Winter? 
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