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Ways To Get The Family Organized

By A Lot On Your Plate @ALotOnYourPlate

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Ways To Get The Family Organized

Make organizing fun.  The last thing you want to do is make your family feel like getting and staying organized is too much work.  My eBook, “Step by Step: A Guide To Organizing Your Home and Life” helps make the task of organizing, easier than ever, while having fun doing it!

Use a calendar.  Hang a calendar in an area where all the family can see.   Update the calendar daily with events, doctors appointments, work and after school hours, and even what’s planned for dinner.  This helps give the family an idea of what everyone’s schedules look like for the week.

Color code.  Color coding is such a great system for family members, especially the little ones. You can designate a color for each member of the family to help them locate their belongings faster and easier without confusion.   Items to consider color coding include bath towels, laundry baskets, headphones, and lunch boxes.

Designate a work space. Designate a quiet area for you and your family to get some work done. Whether its in a home office or a work space, this area should include a table or desk with a chair, pens, pencils, and other items to help successfully get work finished.

Have the proper storage essentials.  In order to teach your family to get and stay organized, you need to have the proper tools. Storage bins (can be purchased at your local dollar store or organizational shop, depending on your preference and budget) are great ways to help your family keep their items together.

Keep it simple.  The tools used to help your family get organized should be easy and practical to use.  Do not purchase items that will eventually be tossed aside or may become an eye sore.  Keep the colors of the totes and bins neutral if you plan on keeping them out in the open to avoid them from clashing with the furniture or wall color.

Label, label, label!  Invest in a label maker or dry erase stickers and markers to label items in need of a label.  Dry erase stickers are great for labeling perishable items in the refrigerator and medicine cabinets.

For a step by step guide on getting and keeping your family organized, especially to start the new school year off right, check out “Step by Step: A Guide To Organizing Your Home and Life”.  Also be sure to check out my series of posts “The 10 Days of Organization!”

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