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Ways Paint By Number Sets Can Contribute to Children’s Overall Development

By Evette Garside @evette77

As your kids start to grow up they slowly start to discover their talents and specialties. This phase is very important for their overall development. As a parent, you should introduce them to different forms of art to help their creativity bloom. Paintingis one of the best ways to do that.

Ways Paint By Number Sets Can Contribute to Children’s Overall Development
Ways Paint By Number Sets Can Contribute to Children’s Overall Development

You may have heard about the paint by number sets. It is one of the best ways to get your child involved with arts and crafts. For some reason, many people think they are not creative, simplistic, and restrictive for development. In reality, they are totally the opposite. You can read the potential benefits of paint by number kits below.

Improves Attention

Researchers have shown painting makes significant improvements in attention span. Because one has to be attentive in filling each color right and also to keep the color within the lines. This helps us train our brains and improve our focus. Painting improves the ability to focus on small details. This also cultivates one's patience.

Broadens Perspective

Painting comprises various shapes and colors. When one learns painting, he learns about various shapes as well as different shades of colors. They start to learn how an individual shape that may seem nothing special in a painting but when put together, it completes the painting and creates something beautiful.

Painting also enables one to find better solutions for any problem. Because when you can think creatively, your brain opens up to find new solutions you otherwise would fail to think of.

Productive Timepass

As we are all stuck at home during this lockdown. Every day, it seems like we have nothing to do. Especially children are finding it very hard to pass time because they can't go to school, meet friends or go to the playground.

Painting can be a good way to keep them busy. Kids tend to really enjoy painting. If you can get them one of the paint u number kits, it will be even better. They would not only be happy and busy, but they would also be able to get amazing benefits from these kits. Win-win situation. What's even better is, you can easily order them online. You can click here to get a paint by number sets for your kid.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Paint by number sets improves hand-eye coordination. We all know toddlers love to scribble with markers and crayons on every single thing that comes in front of them. Be it clothes or walls. Scribbling builds their skills to hold a pencil or paintbrush and to write.

Similarly, when children hold a paintbrush, mix colors, or try to fill the right color in the right area without going out of the lines, it improves their motor skills. These skills build their athletic abilities, reaction time, and agility.

Boosts Creativity

Many people think that paint by number sets are restrictive and they don't boost creativity. Because the drawings are already made and the colors are marked as well. So, the kid doesn't get to choose or use his own creativity.

This is partially true. Many sets do have all the drawings pre-made and all the colors marked. The only thing one has to do is to match the numbers on the colors and the canvas and fill them up. But these sets are only for beginners. These sets help beginners learn and boost their confidence as they go. After they have learned, they can choose one of the harder sets which don't have much done already. This way they can build their creativity.

Improves Visual Progression And Memory

Painting helps develop visual progressive skills.These skills help children analyze what they see. When a kid is painting he mixes various colors and places different colors next to each other and analyzes what two colors can make when they are mixed together or how different colors look next to each other.

These memories are stored in his brain and when he mixes colors again he uses those analyzed pieces of information to create the combination he wants. This way he masters the ability to analyze his surroundings and make decisions accordingly.

Boosts Emotional Development

Painting can make it easier for your children to express their feelings. Without using any wordsthey can express their feelings by using different colors. Children can feel many emotions which they can't always express but painting can help them relax. They can sometimes get those feelings out on the painting itself by using different colors.

On the other hand, using paint by number sets makes things easier for them. So they don't have to think about the full picture on their own. It helps them to create some small achievable projects.

As they complete these small projects, they feel accomplished. This gives them a sense of confidence and responsibility.

Teaches Them To follow Instructions

Many people complain about the fact that painting by number sets has everything instructed so the kids don't get complete freedom over what they are doing. This is true for the beginner kits but it is not necessarily bad for your kid.

Pain by number kits teaches children to follow rules or instructions. As they are painting, they will come to understand how following the instructions right can result in something beautiful. Whereas not following them can compromise the overall beauty of their painting.

Works As Therapy

One of the main benefits of painting is releasing stress. You may think toddlers don't have stress. But the truth is that even babies get stressed sometimes, weather, hunger, lack of attention can stress them out.

Many physiatrists prescribe painting as a form of therapy. It calms one down and makes them feel happier.


These are just a few of the benefits one can get from paint by numbers. It contributes to the overall growth and development of children. And the best part is, these sets eliminate the pressure of teaching your children about painting one by one and the pressure on your children to decide completely on their own. These sets can be an amazing gift too because they prove to be very beneficial for the long run.

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