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Ways in Increase Your Sense of Self-Worth

By Lyndsay S @lyndsinreallife

Your sense of self-worth means how connected you feel with other people and how accepted you feel with a sense of belonging. It is a sense of how good enough you feel you are worthy of something, such as love or friendship. People with a low sense of self-worth do not see their value and tend to have negative thoughts about themselves. They lack confidence and find it difficult to push themselves forward for things. This means that they lose out on life in love, a career, in going away traveling, or anting that is of any value. The good news is we can all increase our send of self-worth, and here are a few ways to do that:

Ways in Increase Your Sense of Self-Worth


Take Control of Your Thoughts

One of the reasons why people have a low sense of self-worth is due to their own minds. It is so easy to fall into a negative mindset and dwell there. But this does you no favors. If you want to be happier with a higher sense f self-worth, then you need to take control of the way you think. You need to become aware of what you are thinking about, and when you find yourself dwelling, snap out of it. Think about something that makes you happy, or something you know you are good at. If you can swap negative thinking for positive thinking, then over time, you will find it easier and easier to hang on to a positive mindset. It is from this that your sense of self-worth will spring.

Improve your Health

There is nothing like feeling bad about your weight or having some sort of health issue that you are embarrassed about to decrease your sense of self-worth. If you want to feel better about yourself and feel more valued, then you need to take care of your health and appearance. This needs a multipronged approach. First, you should try and change your diet if you eat badly. Stop all the fast food and microwave meals. Then you need to get out and do some exercise. Exercise has so many benefits. Not just helping you lose weight; it can actually make you happier by increasing the chemicals in your brain that improve your mood. You should definitely seek medical help if you have any health issues. You may need some sort of therapy, even something like catheters for women. However, it is far better to get a health problem resolved than to leave it. Having an unresolved health issue that hasn’t even been diagnosed is an awful place to be.

Start Saying No

One of the worse things you can do to yourself is become a people pleaser. You very rarely get respect for this behavior, and you end up resenting yourself, which is the worse place you can be. So, you need to start saying ‘no’. The next time someone asks you for a favor or to do something or just pop in here or there, say no. The first time it will be difficult, but you will get better at it.  

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Ways in Increase Your Sense of Self-Worth

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