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Wayne Madsen - 100% Certain 9/11 Author Philip Marshall Was Assassinated

Posted on the 23 February 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I saw this video report from Wayne Madsen, about 9/11 author and former IranContra cocaine pilot Philip Marshall who went bezerk with a gun in his home in a gated community called Forest Meadows and killed his teenage daughter Macaila, his teenage son  Alex (both pictured) and his shitzu dog Suki before turning the gun on himself.
Wayne Madsen - 100% certain 9/11 author Philip Marshall was assassinatedNeighbors’ houses are “practically on top of” Marshall’s house, so dozens of neighbors would have heard any gunshots that weren’t muffled by a silencer…and Marshall’s “patsy gun” did not have a silencer. 
The crime scene was illegally and surreptitiously cleaned up by professionals, including “a SUV, license undetermined, with an array of communication antennas bristling from the roof.” 
Philip Marshall, who had expressed his fear of being harassed or silenced for his 9/11 revelations, never kept his doors open – but when the bodies were found, a side door Marshall never used was wide open. [source RED ICE CREATIONS]

Now, it's being picked up by other media, namely Veterans Today and now Red Ice Creations (link above), so it gives me the opportunity to go back through the youtubes and regurgitate the relevant one with Madsen on the Alex Jones Show. They also go into the murder-suicides of CPS-worker Nancy Schaffer, Oklahoma City bombing police officer Terrance Yeakey, Deborah Jeane Palfrey aka the D.C. Madame and Pulitzer prize winning journalist Gary Webb. All of whom had (or were threatening to reveal) insider information about the Corporate War Game.

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