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Wayne La Pierre on the State of the Union Speech

Posted on the 15 February 2013 by Mikeb302000
Wayne continues to teach by example. One of the most commonly used tricks of the pro-gun argument is to accuse the other side of that which they themselves are guilty of.  He said the president "displayed a level of public deception that simply cannot be ignored."  But Wayne is the master at this.
One deceptive item that he mentions quite frequently is that so few failed background checks end up in a prosecution for attempting to buy a gun illegally.  This is supposed to represent some kind of failure of the system, but what he overlooks is that every one of those people DID NOT GET THE GUN. At least they did not get the gun from that dealer.  They were forced to seek other sources or to simply do without.
In other words, the system works regardless of whether those folks are arrested for ATTEMPTING to buy a gun. It works because they were STOPPED from buying one.
Another deception, and for me the biggest one, is the "criminals won't submit to background checks therefore it can never be universal" nonsense.  Jon Stewart ridiculed it best.  This is based on the falsehood that all pro-gun folks like to perpetuate, that only already-convicted criminals do bad things with guns.  It also glosses over the fact that the success of the background check system in stopping millions of prohibited persons from buying guns every year would be improved drastically if background checks were required for private sales thereby eliminating one of the other major sources of guns for prohibited persons.
On TTAG, the sycophantic followers of Robert Farago are all ready to throw Wayne out of the boat.  That's simply because that's the tack Robert took after Sandy Hook, certainly not because they agree with anything I've had to say about the man.
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