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Wayne La Pierre - Defender of Rights

Posted on the 17 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
Truthout has a fascinating article about Wayne La Pierre.
To quote Lawrence O'Donnell from his show back in February, Wayne LaPierre is "Washington's lobbyist in favor of murderer's rights, always to use the gun of their choice." There is no better summary of a man who ensures his $1.27 million salary every year by being a paid serial liar in defense of arms dealers, which groups such as the Violence Policy Center have made clear again and again.
Basically the complaint against Wayne is his opposition to the multiple sales reporting rule. Once Wayne, speaking for the NRA, expresses his opinion, loyal gun owners everywhere pick up the refrain, wealking sycophants that they are. Their opposition is immense, especially considering what it actually is they oppose.
The idea would be for any multiple purchases of rifles to be reported to the ATF. No law abiding citizen who buys two or more long-guns would have anything to worry about. If controlled, they'd produce the guns and the paperwork, end of story.
But, the gun smugglers and straw purchasers who buy more than one gun would be immediately detected for what they are. What could be more reasonable than that?
What's your opinion?  Do you think describing La Pierre as a defender of murderer's rights is a bit over the top?  How about his income and its source? Wouldn't that be a major point of criticism in a gun control person?
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