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Way Out West

Posted on the 30 November 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
Way Out WestLaurel and Hardy head off to an Old West town to deliver a mining deed to the daughter of their recently deceased prospecting partner. Upon arrival at the local saloon, the two are swindled by the owner who passes his troubadour wife off as the recipient. Soon, Stan and Ollie get wise, and the manic antics and wild pratfalls ensue. "Way Out West" is a thoroughly delightful film from Laurel and Hardy which offers several different aspects to appreciate. The duo's chemistry is sublime and many of their gags come off splendidly such as when Ollie routinely falls into a river dropoff or when the two use a horse for leverage to lift themselves into a second story window. The film also contains several wonderful musical interludes, the best of which where Stan and Ollie sing and two-step to the sounds of a hee-haw band. "Way Out West" is a supreme example of an early talkie comedy as well as a fine film from the classic duo.

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