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Wattpad Review – Whipped by Jonaxx

By Vanessa Kay @blushinggeek

Series: Allegria Girls, #1
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Published: by Wattpad
Language: Filipino, Pilipino
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Entice Ralene dela Merced Esquivel owns Alegria. Siya ang spoiled brat ng mga dela Merced. All her whims, laging nasusunod. Lahat-lahat. Kaya hindi siya sanay na may bagay siyang hindi nakukuha. Hindi niya nakukuha ang atensyon ni Knoxx Montefalco. So she did everything to get his attention. She was determined to make him fall so hard for her. No one can stop her, even Knoxx’s friend.

Kahit gaano niya pa ka alam na in love si Lumiere kay Knoxx, hindi niya tinigilan si Knoxx. But then a tragedy shattered her heart into millions of pieces. A tragedy she never thought to be possible.

Talaga palang hindi mo makukuha ang lahat ng bagay sa mundong ito kahit gaano mo pa kagusto. May mga bagay talagang sadyang hindi para sayo. There are loves you just can’t hold alone. Loves who will drift no matter how tight you hold them. People who just can’t be yours no matter how whipped you are.


OMG! I can’t believe I’ve taken for granted reading another story from Jonaxx this long! I am really really guilty. I’ve been waiting for this story to finish that’s why I never check it out until last night. I am alone and I don’t want to watch TV so I decided it’s high time that I check out if this story is done. I want to fully enjoy this story that’s why I really waited this long for it to finish, I can’t tolerate waiting weekly updates that’s why haha.

This story is really really really good, well, my raging 5-star rating sure is the evidence eh? I really don’t know how to make this review, like honestly, I don’t know how to make this review without squealing. I’ve finished reading this story just last night, or should I say, early this morning, so I’m still having a hangover. I really can’t get over and it’s making me look crazy because I keep on smiling, squealing, and daydreaming, good thing my mom isn’t here yet to witness me losing my mind haha.

The story started when Entice (yeah, that’s her name. So unique isn’t it? lol) came back to Alegria after spending almost 10 years abroad. She’s 18 and an only child that’s why her family are so over protective of her. Since her cousin Hector is getting married, the family was so busy for the preparation, and Entice being Entice, don’t want to wait another day at their mansion doing nothing, so she decided to escape. And then she reached Tinago falls and had a dip. After some few minutes, she was greeted with this oh-so-handsome heat-inducing man to fetch her, his name is Knoxx. And that’s the beginning of Entice’s admiration of him.

Well, as expected, the story’s plot is new to me, haven’t read it from other books yet so it’s really very refreshing. I love how their relationship progresses (which was actually kinda into hate-romance thingy) and I just can’t contain myself whenever I read some “kilig” worthy lines from Knoxx. Here’s some of my favorites:

“Skype when I get home. I’ll show you how alone I am in my house.” (Oh my! Why does it sounds so sexy to me? Haha. Ikaw Knoxx ha, double meaning!)

Here’s another one:

“Don’t . Make. Me. Jealous”. Dang! I won’t for sure Knoxx haha lol.

You can read more here.

Honestly, I was really not that impressed with the first three pages of this story, I don’t know but I can’t read any jonaxx from them, or maybe I’m just adjusting? It’s been like two months since I’ve last read from her so I guess that’s the reason behind it. But thankfully, I was able to be in pace when I’ve read some familiar names from this story. I remember Knoxx from Until Trilogy so it was really nice to know that Jonaxx recycled her characters. Remember how I love to be one of the Montefalco cousins? Haha.

I still really can’t believe I’ve read this 50 chapters story, excluding the epilogue, for just one sitting (well, actually it’s one lying, haha, I was in bed). Well, it’s only Kelly Oram, Sonia Francesca, Mary Higgins Clark and Jonaxx can do that to me. All the scenes and conflicts hold up, and no confusions or questions or any questionable scenes at all. The antagonists (yeah, you read it right, there’s not just one antagonist here) really surprises me. I thought I know what’s going to happen, but Jonaxx being Jonaxx, proved to me again how unpredictable her stories are. I know I told you about my annoyance on b*tch third party, but surprisingly, I wasn’t that angry to the extent that I want to get inside this story and kill that b*tch myself. Both the antagonist did their job but surprisingly I can sympathize with them too. Also, I just love how Jonaxx is making her story so great that you’ll believe there’s still things in this world that are perfect, and obviously, this story is one of them. Though, I think that the ending is quite lacking. I still want to read Entice and Knoxx getting married and Entice getting along with the Montefalco cousins. But the appearance of the Montefalco cousins remedied that, haha, I’m really such a sucker lol.

I don’t have any problems with the characters. Both of the main characters are so realistic that it’s so easy for me to picture them out and relate to them. Though, sometimes, I feel like I’m being harassed (in a nice way) when Knoxx is licking his lips while his face is so near to Entice. Haha, I really can’t help myself and keep picturing him out doing that in my mind. OMG! I’m afraid I’m being seduced, haha. The number of characters are kinda long but surprisingly, it didn’t made me feel overwhelmed. Probably because most of them are familiar to me including Hector, Chesca and the Montefalcos. The characters are also well introduced and this story didn’t let me skipped some lines because I felt that if I do that, I’ll be missing something out. And btw, the main female character’s name is really unique and I just think it really suits her. I mean, she’s undeniably ENTICING that’s why Knoxx fell in love with her eh? hahaha.

This story was being told using Entice’s point of view but I really love that the epilogue was taken from Knoxx’s. So it was really clear to me how he really felt with Entice and how it all started. All supposedly questions that could arise was answered too and I just love it. It really sounded like Knoxx and it was really nice to know everything he did and feel about Entice.

Btw, this story has some SPG scenes but surprisingly for me, I didn’t feel harassed at all. Jonaxx is really good at it.

I can’t convince you enough how much I love this story, so I guess you’ll just read it for yourself eh? Please come back and let’s be a fangirl together


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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