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Watermelon Raspberry Cooler Cocktail

By Creativeculinary @CreativCulinary

This Watermelon Raspberry Cooler is a super refreshing beverage that will be a great thirst quencher for summer heat with watermelon, raspberries and lime added to rum.

Watermelon Raspberry Cooler Cocktail

I love watermelon...but I mean really good watermelon. When the grocery store is selling watermelons in the winter I walk on by...we all know they will never be those super sweet, bright red, luscious wonders that mid-summer brings.That's what you need for this Watermelon Raspberry Cooler.

Waiting until July is hard...but worth it so plan ahead now; I have several great cocktails to celebrate with. I remember growing up in the Midwest that the Fourth of July was pretty much the advent of watermelon season.

In Colorado we might have to wait even longer but we do start to get good watermelon in the midst of summer and I want to be ready!

Yes, this information might be redundant if you have been reading any of my other watermelon cocktail posts...but it is so important to be able to discern what a good watermelon is.

Is there anything more disappointing than expecting something red, sweet, and fabulous to be met instead with pink and flavorless? Knowing what to look for helps!

How to determine if you've found a good watermelon? These are some good indicators:

  • Find the field spot, it should be a yellowish creamy color on the outside where the watermelon was resting on the ground.
  • Pick a dull looking watermelon; shiny melons are not yet ripe.
  • Knock on it with your knuckles; the surface should be hard/firm. A dull thud indicates the flesh inside is getting soft...put that one back!
  • Get the heaviest one for its size; water is heavy and a lot of water in a watermelon is a good indicator!
  • Check for uniform shape - round or oval is fine...but irregular edges might indicate an inconsistent water source

It should be no surprise that I also love watermelon cocktails; what with my love of watermelon. They are the epitome of a refreshing summer beverage and I've done my share...but today I've got a new one and boy is it good. While I've made watermelon cocktails with tequila and vodka, this is my first foray using rum. Why did I wait so long...the tropical notes all blend together so perfectly.

I originally started this recipe wanting to make a watermelon mint cooler; that sounded seasonal and refreshing but as it turns out, as I started to build the cocktail; I thought it not necessary.

And I had the mint but I also needed limes and there were none to be found in my crisper. If I didn't live in Denver, CO I would grow both lime and lemon trees; cocktail making requires always having them on hand. I did not. Bad Barb.

Watermelon Raspberry Cooler Cocktail

So I ran to the store and bought my weekly quota of fruits and veggies. The plethora of fresh fruits apparently blinded me so in addition to watermelon I bought new containers of raspberries and strawberries; totally spacing just how many berries I already had on hand in my fridge.

Not such a big deal with strawberries but I anticipated having a problem with raspberries keeping for any length of time so I punted. Those raspberries went into this Watermelon Raspberry Cooler instead of mint.

Watermelon Raspberry Cooler Cocktail

Truth be told so did a couple of strawberries because I wanted to use up the ones left in a container I had purchased a couple of days previous, but not enough to really mention. Still the beauty of this is that you could use raspberries or strawberries or both, that bit of berry tartness really made this cocktail.

I may not have thought it needed mint but if you love it...muddle some in the simple syrup as you make the cocktail and go for it! I made a pitcher of them I loved the combination so much. Of course I think you should too. Be neighborly; put the word out to friends or family or both and they'll come running for this cocktail that is so refreshing and beautiful it's like having summer in a glass!

This Watermelon Raspberry Cooler would make a great mocktail too; eliminate the liquor and add a bit of sparkling water or 7-Up when serving; kids and adults both will love it! Cheers!

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Watermelon Raspberry Cooler Cocktail
Watermelon Raspberry Cooler Cocktail

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