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Water Pollution – Effects and Prevention

Posted on the 02 November 2012 by Aqueel Mansoor @aqeelchishti213
Water Pollution – Effects and PreventionKeeping storm water away from natural water bodies helps in marine life preservation. To stress the necessity of separating storm water from natural water bodies, you must look at the consequences that your everyday actions bring to the environment. Indeed, ordinary actions such as your cleaning rituals, traveling, plastic usage and even pest control have a negative effect.
Did you know that when you spray perfume or use soap, most of the chemicals are not destroyed when thrown in water? The chemicals simply mix with the water, causing abnormal growth among fishes. For example, liquid detergent can mix with stream water, cutting down the fish population.
Travelling on a cruise ship may be relaxing, but it’s quite the opposite to aquatic life. The cruise ship engines create a lot of noise, making it difficult for fishes to navigate the ocean. Each time you and your friends avail a cruise package, remember that sound is magnified in water. Think of how fishes will starve due to difficulties in looking for prey. Think of how fishes will be easily killed due to lack of communication.
Using plastic can cause all sorts of problems for the ecosystem. The next time you purchase plastic products, make sure you will use it for a long period of time. Plastic waste can also cause floods by clogging up waterways and suffocate marine wildlife.
You may be protecting your plants by using pesticides and fertilizers, but doing this harms marine life. Pesticides contaminate water and fertilizers cause too much plant growth. Too much plant growth in bodies of water is dangerous for oxygen is not distributed properly among the fishes.
To avoid harming natural bodies of water, you should check out what household stormwater management BMP you can apply. Simply having a gutter and a storm water basin installed can greatly contribute to the cleanliness of lakes, as well as the proper plastic disposal.
If you own a factory, it is best that you invest on stormwater management BMP technology. Not only will this keep natural waters clean, it will also save your companies from lawsuits. Keep in mind that storm water management is mandated by the state law.
Finally, stormwater solutions require the participation of everyone. Keep in mind that you’re sharing the same water with other people. The oil spills and wastes in your area will affect mother nature and other people in your area.

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