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Water Planet - Water People - Water Universe?

Posted on the 08 July 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Water Planet - Water People - Water Universe?
You're here because the Water Planet wants it. You're here because the Water Planet needs it. You're here because you have an integral role to play in the running of this Water Planet. You're even born into this world via water, the water of your mother's womb. Everything is water; you, your birth place, your memory place.
I don't even know what that role is, so don't ask me. I just know. Know. That this world being made of water and our being made of water is no coincidence. We are made for each other. We are one and the same being. I have no idea what the interface might be or how we activate this connection.
Maybe the planet stores dreams for us.
Maybe we help this planet to dream.Maybe we talk to the stars through our connection with this world.

Star to Star, Earth to Earth, Water to Water.
Is it possible to cure/create CANCERs with sound?
Is it possible to remote-jumpstart life on another planet?
RELATED OR UNRELATED WATERY OR RAINMAKER TRIVIA: I've always held the belief/suspicion that there are certain individuals around the world who have a distinct effect on the weather. Stupid, I know, but... I was invited to attend E3 (games convention) in May of 2001 to show progress on the game we were making, and it had been a terrible drought up until that point in L.A.
Because I'm English, of course I took my bright-green raincoat. So... The day after we landed, I opened the curtain of my Malibu hotel to discover that it was pouring down with rain. Had I (and my raincoaty insistence) made it rain? Are certain people rainmakers? I just had the same thing, out in back of where I live, I was practicing some moves on grass in my bare feet. Not a rain dance, as such, but it did start to rain. Gah, ya know. :)

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