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Watching Wildlife - June

By Azanimals @azanimals
Bee Orchid (c) Alan Murray-Rust Bee Orchid Following the baby-boom that has occurred throughout the animal kingdom during the spring, June is a month when numerous young animals begin to appear and venture further and further from their dens and nests. Although many youngsters can be hard to spot, wherever you are in the UK you have a good chance of spotting young fox cubs.

With the warmer summer months looming, various habitats throughout the country are abundant with life from invertebrates and fish in rock pools to the numerous sea-bird species that are nesting on the cliff tops around the coast to have better protection from predators.

Common Seal Pup

Common Seal Pup (c) Mirko Thiessen
Red Fox Cub
Red Fox Cub (c) Jim Frates
Common Tern
Common Tern (c) Andreas Trepte
Little Tern
Little Tern (c) JJ Harrison
Puffins (c) Henning Allmers
Razorbills (c) Nilfanion
Baby Blue Tit
Baby Blue Tit (c) T.Voekler
Young Common Frog
Young Common Frog (c) Rob Bendall
Common Shore Crab
Common Shore Crab (c) Lmbuga
Stag Beetle
Stag Beetle (c) Glyn Baker

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